Simply Put—We Are Different:

A new paradigm for Military and Veteran NPOs providing cost-effective solutions for defining your need, expanding your donor base, identifying and qualifying major and planned giving donors, supporting your development program by serving your mission and fulfilling your vision.

 Maximizing the “Lifetime” Giving Potential of a Donor.

Who We Are

More than 44,000 non-profits in this country support our military, our veterans and their families, through important social and medical services, educational opportunities and preserving the history and heritage of our country’s armed forces.

MNPC serves these organizations with comprehensive fundraising consulting and management services.

Every member of the MNPC team brings skills and experiences that draw upon their active service in the military and successful careers raising money in the non-profit sector.

We speak your language. We understand the challenges you face. We help you advance and achieve your mission.

 Why Now

The need for strong, independent non-profits supporting our armed services is profound. Demand for services is strong and growing. Congress, veterans and the American people demand greater efficiency and accountability. Money is tight.

At the same time, the potential is great. Military non-profits consistently rank poorly on fundraising effectiveness and efficiency by various “charity watchdogs”. There is room for improvement in fundraising and management practice, resulting in more money raised, and more missions accomplished.

That’s where MNPC comes in. We only work with military non-profits. We share your ethics and values. We understand the challenges and opportunities. We speak your language. In short, we know how to advance your organization and raise money.

 Who We Serve

MNPC serves the entire spectrum of military and veterans nonprofits.

Support services for families of serving men and women
Social and medical services
Academy and military school alumni associations
Unit and ship alumni associations
Heritage foundation

 Our Services

MNPC provides strategic counseling to military and veterans charities with emphasis on the areas of leadership development, fundraising and campaign execution.

Board Advancement
Strategic Planning
Implementation Studies
Capital and Annual Fund Campaign Consulting
“Moves Management” doctrine implementation
Staffing Solutions
Online Giving and Donor Stewardship
Access to a powerful network of fundraising firms

 What We Deliver

MNPC helps you build a sustainable organization that maximizes revenue opportunities, develops diversified funding sources, and delivers outstanding results to your constituents.

More money raised – now and in the future
Strong board and staff leadership
Sustainable fundraising models based on proven doctrines
Outstanding return on investment

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 Our Approach

SMEAC – The Five Paragraph Order applied to Military Non-Profit Fundraising:

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