We share your ethics and values. We understand the challenges and opportunities.
— Brad Carlson, President Military Non-Profit Consulting, LLC

20+ Years’ Experience

The senior leadership of Military Non-Profit Consulting, LLC has extensive background both inside and outside of the military non-profit sector. We will help you build a sustainable organization that maximizes revenue opportunities, develops diversified funding sources, and delivers outstanding results to your constituents.

Brad Carlson

With over 20 years of development counsel experience, Brad Carlson is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. Following his service, Brad joined IDC and spearheaded the development of increased service solutions, winning the AFP award for innovation in internet fundraising with the creation of “Virtual Volunteer”. Brad believes that the key to building a donor base and maximizing the number of qualified major and planned giving prospects lies in a “donor centered” multi-channel moves management approach.

Gregg Carlson

Gregg Carlson began his career in 1985 with the major gift counsel firm, CCS Fundraising. Upon his scheduled departure from CCS, Gregg joined IDC—the firm which revolutionized donor acquisition through the PHONE/MAIL® Telecommunications Program—becoming IDC’s President in 1998, and then Chairman and CEO in 2006.

Gregg is a past Chair of the Giving USA Foundation—the definitive source on trends in US fundraising through the annual report Giving USA—researched by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. With the view that technology must be driven by the essential principles of fundraising, Gregg often is invited to discuss the cutting edge issues facing the field today.

A Great Team

Working with a great team and a forward thinking group of clients, the Carlsons established IDC as the premier provider of donor acquisition services. In 2010, the Carlsons successfully sold their firm. Military Non-Profit Consulting was launched in 2009 to provide strategic counseling to military and veterans charities with emphasis on the areas of leadership development, fundraising and campaign execution.

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