Slide  Your Boots On the Ground Ready to do the heavy lifting when staff is limited

Simply Put—We Are Different:

A new paradigm for Military and Veteran NPOs providing cost-effective solutions for defining your need, expanding your donor base, identifying and qualifying major and planned giving donors, supporting your development program by serving your mission and fulfilling your vision.

 Maximizing the “Lifetime” Giving Potential of a Donor.

Slide Discovery Call Program designed around the Moves Management Doctrine to identify, qualify and confirm current and lapsed supporters of your organization who have both the capacity and propensity to make major gifts and/or planned gifts by employing relationship development methodologies – including multi-level research and data screening, mailing, calling and face-to-face solicitation. Client Data Insight Data
Qualification Major & Planned Giving
Cultivation/ Solicitation
Major & Planned
Giving "Suspects"
Generates "Qualified"
Major & Planned Giving
"Prospects" with
Affinity Score
Major & Planned
Giving Donors
• Previous Donors
• Non Donors
• Analysis: “In-house” Data Modeling
• Screening: Ranking-Optimal
“Outside” Data Append
• Verification/Enhanced Info
• Discovery Call
• Appointment System
1 2 3 4 Mail/Email/Phone/Outreach • PG Call
• Face to Face
Total Pipeline Solution Major & Planned Gift: The Challenge: Identifying Major Gift and Planned Giving “Suspects” and moving them to “Prospects” with limited staffing resources. The Solution: