MNPC uncovered a gift potential of $2.85M
for the National Museum of The Mighty Eighth Air Force!

This is how we did it…

Slide Client Data Insight Data
Qualification Major & Planned Giving
Cultivation/ Solicitation
Major & Planned
Giving "Suspects"
Generates "Qualified"
Major & Planned Giving
"Prospects" with
Affinity Score
Major & Planned
Giving Donors
• Previous Donors
• Non Donors
• Analysis: “In-house” Data Modeling
• Screening: Ranking-Optimal
“Outside” Data Append
• Verification/Enhanced Info
• Discovery Call
• Appointment System
1 2 3 4 Mail/Email/Phone/Outreach • PG Call
• Face to Face
14,000 records 3,100 records 1,800 records +800 conversations 190
MG/PG Leads
$2.85M in
Gift Potential

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